Dobbs: Where are the jobs, Mr. President?

Notice that this segment from Lou Dobbs came last night, before today’s announcement that unemployment increased yet again last week. Dobbs has been the most skeptical CNN host of HopeandChangeTM, but even with that in mind, this segment uses almost 5 minutes to hammer the White House on its broken promises on jobs and unemployment. That’s a pretty extraordinary scolding for CNN, and it suggests that the media may have reached its limit on ignoring the obvious:

The town-hall outrage this month may have sent a message to more than just Congress. Suddenly, it’s quite obvious that a wide swath of America has no confidence in Barack Obama’s competence, especially on fiscal issues as well as health care. The uptick in unemployment undermines Obama’s leadership and Democrats in general on the Porkulus bill, for which we still have hundreds of billions of dollars in commitments. That anger may have taken the media by surprise — and Dobbs may not be the last to lash out at a bumbling and expensive White House and Congress.