Durbin: Meeting with constituents "not productive"

Add Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) to the list of Milk Carton Politicians, with a special mention for hubris and arrogance.  Unlike some of his colleagues, who put their mouths into hiding along with the rest of their bodies rather than face angry constituents, Durbin tells the public that meeting with voters is just “not productive.” But do you know what is productive?  Meeting with lobbyists:

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin defended his decision Thursday to not participate in town hall meetings regarding health care reform, saying the outbursts that have marred others are “not constructive.”

Durbin, back in his hometown of Springfield for the unveiling of the newest penny honoring Abraham Lincoln, said the yelling, pushing and shoving that has erupted in other parts of the nation are part of a strategy by those opposed to reforms.

“I don’t think that really serves the purpose of informing the public and answering their questions honestly,” Durbin said. “It doesn’t help.”

Rather than participate in a town hall-style public session to discuss President Barack Obama’s push for an overhaul of health care, Durbin has held six meetings with health care officials.

He said those meetings, including one in Decatur on Wednesday, have led to meaningful and cordial debate.

Meeting with the people who voted you into office?  Not productive.  Meeting with people who can buy your way back into office when the voters erupt in anger?  Highly productive.

Durbin may or may not be afraid of his constituents, but he’s certainly contemptuous of them.  At this point, they should feel the same way about Durbin.  So much for answering to the voters!

Addendum: While we’re talking about Profiles in Courage, let’s also give Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) a Special Mention among the milk-carton contingent on Capitol Hill.  He’s going to face his constituents tonight — from the inside of a union hall:

Downtown Orlando will play host to its first health care “town hall” when Democrat Alan Grayson hosts one Monday night.

The release from Grayson’s office came in about 15 minutes ago, stating that the event will be held at the IBEW hall on Virginia Drive at 7:45 p.m.

He’s also doing a tele-town hall for all those who don’t want to push past union reps to get a chance to speak to their Congressman.  How big of Grayson!