Video: Hey, we're happy to pay for abortions through ObamaCare!

Here’s a town-hall moment to capture in amber. A constituent asks Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) to explain why ObamaCare will cover abortions when at least 90% of them are not medically necessary — in other words, the kind of elective surgery that insurance plans usually don’t cover. CA-16 is a heavily Democratic district, so Lofgren must have thought that she could tell the truth in an entre-nous sort of way.  When she explains that a national health-care system should cover abortion, she gets a surprisingly hostile reception (via Issues and Justice):

Just how liberal is CA-16?  They voted for Obama, 69%-28% in November, and if that doesn’t convince you of their leftist bona fides, they went for John Kerry in 2004, 63%-35%.  These aren’t exactly fiscal conservatives in the San Jose area, but they apparently don’t much like the notion of paying for someone else’s abortions.

Thankfully, though, Lofgren felt secure enough to admit the truth about the reform plan getting pushed through the House.  It’s going to repeal the Hyde Amendment and start supplying federal funds for abortions.  She thinks that’s just great.  What do you think?

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