Hennessey: I found Fishy Central

Have you done your patriotic duty and snitched on your fellow Americans for their political dissent over ObamaCare?  Keith Hennessey, the prolific and indispensable econ blogger, proudly adds his name to the list of those who serve their country by informing on opponents of the Super Totally Patriotic-y Health Care Insurance Reform Bill of 2009, and shares his transmission to [email protected] with his readers.  In fact, Hennessey says he’s found Fishy Central, and it’s in the Ford House Office Building in DC:

I call to your attention several fishy statements about health care reform legislation made by a gentleman named Dr. Douglas Elmendorf.  He claims to be Director of the “Congressional Budget Office” and has posted frequently about health care reform on his website, cbo.gov.  This information takes the form of personal posts on his Director’s Blog, as well as in-depth reports that have the veneer of competent, thorough, impartial professional analysis.  The IP address of his site is, and his organization has named their hideout the “Ford House Office Building.”

Wow — those un-American types are good.  Who would have suspected them of infiltrating the federal government in such a manner?  And what lies has this Elmendorf fellow been spreading about His High Mightiness’ health-care proposal?  Here are a few:

  • The House bill would increase the budget deficit by $239 B over the next ten years.  This conflicts with the President’s goal of not increasing short-term deficits.
  • The House bill would increase long-term budget deficits by ever-increasing amounts, making our long-term debt problem worse than under current law.  This of course conflicts with the President’s statements that “health care reform is entitlement reform,” and that health care reform is essential to addressing America’s long-term budget problems.
  • Under the House bill, in the year 2015 about 8 million uninsured Americans would remain uninsured and pay higher taxes.  This would violate the President’s pledge not to raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000 per year.
  • The President’s Medicare Commission proposal would probably save only $2 billion over ten years, and there is a high probability it would save no taxpayer money.  In the long run the saving would be “modest.”

Hennessey has more at his blog.  I’m sure that all of the great Americans here at Hot Air will report on this murky CBO outfit, or perhaps gang, to the White House for proper re-education.  Oh, wait, I see that Elmendorf already submitted for his re-education session with Barack Obama directly.  Next time, he has to see Rahm Emanuel …