Video: Obama blames the media for making a big deal about Gates comment

Well, that’s what happens when a President puts his foot in his mouth at the prime-time press conference he himself demanded.  Fox News reporter Mike Emanuel tells Megyn Kelly that the new word out from Robert Gibbs is that Barack Obama is mystified about why the media would consider it a big deal when he accuses a local police department of acting “stupidly” in a case where he admitted he didn’t have all the facts.  In other words, Obama is blaming the media for covering his remarks, even though they were televised live to over 28 million people (via Patrick Hynes):

Makes Rush Limbaugh’s comment about Obama being the media’s Waterloo even more prescient, doesn’t it?  If nothing else, this should wake up the White House press corps to Obama’s ever-present impulse to lay the blame on someone else — anyone else — for his own missteps.

The first rule of holes: stop digging.  Obama should just apologize for reaching a conclusion on national TV without having the facts, and let the matter drop entirely.  Instead, Obama will likely let the weekend news cycle bury the controversy.  Will the media let him get away with blaming them?  I predict … heartache, to quote my esteemed blogging partner.