Video: The self-promotion stimulus

With unemployment continuing to rise and the government unable to track stimulus spending, Americans have begun to demand more details as to where the money has gone. ABC News took a look, and in this Good Morning America segment, shows America exactly what is getting stimulated:

The biggest fool in this segment is Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who attempts to defend the millions spent in self-promotion by the Obama administration:

LAHOOD: Signs tell a story, and the story that’s being told is that hard-earned taxpayer dollars are being spent to rebuild roads, resurface roads, resurface bridges.

Not exactly.  The story being told is that the Obama administration wants to advertise itself (and its silly logo) like billboards on the public highways.  The signs are an unnecessary expense to road construction, as state crews already have plenty of orange signs for warning drives of the work being done.  It’s advertising, and the only thing it stimulates is Barack Obama’s poll numbers, although even these won’t help.

How much do these cost?  Up to $3000 each, depending on the state.  As ABC explains, that could fill dozens of potholes with every sign.  That’s why a handful of states have refused to use them, preferring to spend money on actual infrastructure rather than in displaying hosannas to Obama.

As I wrote in this week’s AIP column, the only thing Porkulus stimulates is government.