Caption contest: First Ogler; Update: New pic

All right, all right … you folks just won’t let this wait for it to be the Quote of the Day, so let’s get this party started now.  I’d call this an Obamateurism, but (a) Hot Air readers wouldn’t let it sit overnight, and (b) what married man hasn’t done this once or twice himself?  Unfortunately, Obama let himself get caught ogling the young woman, and perhaps by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  In fact, he seems more amused than Hot Air readers.

So add your caption and have a blast!  I’ll probably skip doing a poll, since I won’t be able to read the thousand-plus comments and boil the entries to a representative few.  Just kick back and enjoy…

Update: Some report that this was a 16-year-old attendee of the J-8 Conference, an auxiliary event for teens around the world to the G-8 conference arranged by the UN.  I’m sure Obama would not have known her age or her membership in the group; I doubt he even knew of the J-8 gathering.  The object of the joke here is Obama, not the young woman, but let’s try to keep this in mind.

In fact, let’s just take that pic down and use this one instead:

I think this works just as well for all of the existing captions suggested in the comments, and eliminates the ick factor somewhat.  Notice, too, that Sarkozy is giving almost exactly the same kind of reaction in this shot.  This really amuses him, n’est-ce pas? (via William Amos)