Video: Promises, promises

Kevin McCullough puts together a collection of clips that have been played in several formats over the last week or so since the White House press corps started laughing at Robert Gibbs on taxes and President Obama’s pledge to cut them for everyone but the rich. While Gibbs stammered out that Obama would like to avoid tax hikes, Kevin supplies just a handful of the relevant absolute denials of tax hikes from Candidate Obama over the past two years:

Hope and Change! This goes with Fred Hiatt’s column earlier today, in which he correctly diagnoses Obama’s free-spending policies as a way to get across-the-board tax hikes in the back door. Gibbs’ fade on Obama’s promise is just the first step of a primrose path that will see government take wartime chunks of the GDP in order to nationalize industries and dictate individual choice as far as Obama can push them.

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