Audio: Ziegler explains Palin's decision; Update: Link to O'Reilly Factor appearance added

John Ziegler, who produced a documentary on the horrendously unfair media coverage given to now-departing Governor Sarah Palin, talks with Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton about Palin’s decision to resign.  John has the closest vantage point of anyone in the media, and has spent the most time with Palin.  He explains that the move isn’t about 2012 at all, or really even any future run at elective office.  John argues that Palin is playing long ball.  Click on the image to listen:

John and I had a conversation this afternoon, and he agrees that Palin couldn’t have done this with an eye towards a 2012 presidential run.  Like Mark Tapscott, he sees Palin adapting herself for the foreseeable future to non-electoral politics — as an activist and a movement leader.

John also will appear on The O’Reilly Factor tonight at 8 pm ET.  Be sure to catch John’s segment.

Update: RealClearPolitics has John’s appearance on the Factor.  John dropped me a note, saying this segment from his show today explains it better, so be sure to listen to it.