Video: The women of Iran's protests

CNN has done well in covering the Iran crisis, and this morning they have a report on one of the more interesting and promising subplots — the role of women in the protests.  Shoreh Aghdashloo proudly claimed that 40% of the people in the streets were women in a Fox & Friends interview last week, and the infuriating and senseless murder of Neda Agha Soltan has galvanized the movement.  CNN reports that the women have taken an interesting and perhaps calming role in the protests, but the latter hasn’t kept them from becoming targets of the regime:

CNN also has a good segment on Neda herself:

Why have women become such an integral part of the protests? They certainly have the most to gain from a change of government. An end to the mullahcracy would mean opportunity for women, politically as well as culturally, and an end to the morals police that beat them on the streets for not wearing proper covering in public. They might have the most to lose as well, in a reactionary Iran after the failure of protests to rid the country of Khamenei and his Guardian Council.

The second report underscores the trouble for the regime if women continue to pour into the streets, as they surely will after the murder of Neda. Let’s hope she’s right.

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