Video: Han Solo takes on the Emperor?

Earlier today, I was flipping through some of my e-mailed links and noticed a curious ad in the New York Times. It featured Harrison Ford with the tagline, “Let’s not jeopardize another 1.2 million jobs.” I decided to check it out and see exactly what cause Ford was fronting. Apparently, the White House and Congress are considering hefty new fees on general aviation — private and small-commercial aircraft — and Ford as a private pilot wants to put a stop to it:

The website itself does a terrible job explaining what exactly they oppose. It lists no bill, no particular sponsor, and no contact for protesting the hike in fees. For an organization spending a lot of money on ads in the New York Times, they seem very disorganized.

Of course, so does Ford, if you look at his political contributions for last year. While Ford rightly laments the imposition of burdensome taxes on an industry close to his heart and the massive job loss that may follow, he could have prevented it by paying closer attention to the presidential race. As Newsmeat reports from public records, Ford has overwhelmingly supported Democrats over the last 20 years — and gave over $30,000 to Barack Obama’s Victory Fund last September.

Harrison Ford was maybe the best thing about Star Wars (all six films) and terrific in the Indiana Jones films. Today, though, I’ll cast him as Captain Louis Renault in Casablanca for his shock, shock! that a redistributionist Democratic Party might tax his industry into default:

Actually, he wouldn’t make a bad Rick in a remake …