Patterico's new O'Reilly Factor fun

Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly offered a non-apology apology, as Glenn Reynolds put it, for smearing our site.  O’Reilly explained that he was forced into smearing us because we don’t spend our entire day reading comments instead of writing, unlike the responsible folks at his offices, who apparenly police their site in order to make sure that nothing appears on his site that Bill doesn’t personally approve.


That’s absurd, for all the reasons that Allahpundit explained last night, but Patterico decided to put that claim to the test.  He signed up for the O’Reilly Factor membership and started perusing their site.  He found a couple of examples of Bill O’Reilly’s endorsed political stands (according to the standards he applied to Hot Air, of course).  For instance, Bill apparently stands by the accusation that Mary Cheney commits bestiality:

How does Mary Cheney getting married hurt anyone?

How does Mary Cheney getting married to a goat hurt anyone?

Just an example here Chase, don’t get all bent out of shape just because it’s against your morality to marry a goat…………….

It’s right there on his website, after all. That website has Bill O’Reilly’s name on it.  According to Bill O’Reilly Standards and Practices, that means he endorses it.

What else does Bill O’Reilly endorse?  This looks rather ugly:

NO HOMOS NO HOMOS now will the League arrest me for my right wing statement, perhaps i will be taken off the New Yuk slimes CHRISTMAS card list. what you do or dont do in your bed room is none of my business just dont tell me I am wrong if i say NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS. Hay maybe you can have a vote and lose and have the courts overturn your vote. Well that cant happen in AMERICA now can it.

to any one whos name begins with an R REMEMBER NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS. Awaits to knock on the door from the lack of free speech AG. AND janet baby


Sounds like O’Reilly likes a little hate speech, too!  This has been Bill O’Reilly’s personally approved website for almost a week.  The commenter who wrote it has almost 2,000 comments already on Bill O’Reilly’s website.

What about it, Bill?  Will you stand by these statements and take responsibility for them?  After all, you have a lot more staff than we do here at Hot Air, and you’re the one setting the standards on national TV.  Either explain these entries on your own site by standing by their content, or feel free to offer the real apology you should have offered us last night.  After all, that’s why you have a comments disclaimer on your site — just as we do on ours.

Patterico has the screenshots.  He also has plenty of time and an inclination to keep digging.  Be sure to keep up with him, and drop a few bucks in the tipjar to help him defray the expense.

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