Obamateurism of the Day

Noah Pollak at Commentary Magazine caught this confused metaphor from the man who stood in front of the Barackopolis to accept his party’s nomination. In his speech last week entitled “Two Pillars of a New Foundation,” Pollak wonders whether Obama normally lives in upside-down houses:

I have spoken repeatedly of the need to lay a new foundation for lasting prosperity; a foundation that will support good jobs and rising incomes; a foundation for economic growth where we no longer rely on excessive debt and reckless risk – but instead on skilled workers and sound investments to lead the world in the industries of the 21st century.

Two pillars of this new foundation are clean energy and health care.

Pollak wonders:

Does Obama know that pillars rest on top of foundations, not the other way around?

He should know it if he was paying attention to this:

Maybe that was supposed to be the Parthenon’s basement.

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