Video: It wasn't just Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi isn’t alone in her lies and hypocrisy, according to Jim Angle at Fox News. The leaked CIA minutes of Congressional briefings on enhanced-interrogation techniques — more than 40 of them — show that leaders of both parties and members of the committees on intelligence got specifically and explicitly briefed on Abu Zubaydah’s waterboarding and other procedures used on high-value al-Qaeda detainees:

The leak clearly shows that some in the CIA have resolved not to take the heat for waterboarding all by themselves, and shows what a miscalculation Obama made by releasing the legal memos. Until that time, the CIA appeared content to let people talk about Bush-era tactics in academic terms, especially since the agency had dropped the procedures in question several years earlier. After the release of the OLC memos prompted talk of prosecutions, that all changed, and now Obama knows how Bush felt when the CIA decided to leak damaging information to the press.

We can expect this topic to die a quiet death in the next few days. Obama already hit reverse after his selective release when it became apparent that he’d opened Pandora’s Box and exposed Democratic leadership to the issue. If Dick Cheney gets his way and wins approval for the release of the information gleaned from Zubaydah and KSM, it’s going to make it an even worse political setback for the White House.