Minnesota's other season

Here in Minnesota, we like to say that we have two seasons, winter and road construction, and that they both last about six months.  Today must have been the official start of the other season, as I walked out my door to see this in front of my yard:

That’s a crew digging up part of my front lawn, which I just mowed for the first time this year, in order to repair the curbing and replace the grate on the street’s storm drain, which is located in front of my lawn.  I now have a five-foot pit in front of my house, and the crew disappeared for a couple of hours.  On the plus side: I won’t have to worry about people parking in front of my house.

Update: I wrote this a few hours before it published — we had more pressing stories that bumped it — but it’s well after 5 pm CT now and the crew have been gone for a couple of hours after clearing the debris from the street.  I still have a five-foot pit in front of the lawn.  Any guesses how long it will take before they finish the job?

Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET