Video: Don't make us into France, Mr. President

I’ve featured videos from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity on several occasions, instructing viewers on the ins and outs of economic policy, usually hosted by Dan Mitchell. Now the CFP has joined forces with Reason TV to publish this cri de coeur from fiscal conservatives and libertarians:

The estimable Veronique de Rugy narrates this warning about the perils of socialism and nationalization. Ironically, Barack Obama and the Democrats have started becoming French at the exact same time as the French have started becoming more American in economics … or at least more British. De Rugy explains why, as the decades of state-controlled economics have stripped France of its competitive position, and Paris has just begun to wake up from 1968.

Even more ironically, Dan sent me this video from France, where he’s traveling on business. If the trendlines continue, Dan may wind up spending more time there than here.