Video: NRSC less than enthused about Obama's 100 days

I’d count the NRSC out of any 100-days celebration staged by the White House. Their latest web ad reviews the opening stanza of the Barack Obama administration, and finds a lot to criticize. Something tells me we won’t see these clips played during the President’s presser:

I still think the AIG bonus outrage is a bad issue for Republicans to press. They’d be better focusing on the hypocrisy it revealed, and the class-warfare attacks on which this administration has relied.

For the most part, though, this ad steps us through some golden issues for the GOP, especially when it comes to Obama’s appointing a series of tax evaders to high government positions. They’re demanding more in taxes from Americans but not from themselves, and Joe Biden himself has repeatedly called paying more taxes “patriotic”. So why does the Obama administration keep picking “unpatriotic” people for key positions in the administration?