Video: American Legion gets apology from Napolitano

I just completed an exclusive interview with Commander David Rehbein of the American Legion, who had just come out of a meeting with Janet Napolitano. Cmdr. Rehbein says that Napolitano offered a much more complete apology for the accusation in the DHS report on right-wing extremism that came out earlier this month. He believes that Napolitano will withdraw that report in favor of a better, more specific, and narrower report on actual threats. I also asked him whether the Obama administration appears to have learned from this and the previous controversy over medical coverage of service-related injuries and illnesses, and he graciously acknowledged that they do seem to be learning — and to want to learn.

At the same time, Cmdr. Rehbein underscored how insulting the report was to veterans. Don’t miss this Hot Air exclusive: