On my desk: The Fair Tax Fantasy

The Fair Tax Fantasy is not quite on my desk, but it’s on the way there. My friend Hugh Hewitt has cowritten an extensive critique of the Fair Tax proposal with Hank Adler, and I suspect it will be as provocative and intriguing as his other books; the title is certainly inflammatory enough! Hugh argued against the plan that Mike Huckabee wound up adopting as a major campaign plank. That led to a surprisingly emotional debate on the merits of the Fair Tax versus a Flat Tax, which Steve Forbes has pushed for decades.

Hugh, being the prolific writer that he is, has another book out as well. He looks at the prospects for a party in the wilderness in GOP 5.0: Republican Renewal Under President Obama. Even though he’s a Cleveland Browns fan, Hugh’s an adept political analyst, and this should be required reading for the RNC and state organizations in the next two years. I’ll get Hugh on my show, in a bit of a role reversal, to talk about both books soon.