Video: Cheney and Hannity on interrogations

Via Jake Tapper, and interesting equally for what’s being said as well as the fact that it’s being said at all. The former VP got a mostly-undeserved reputation for conducting a media campaign against Obama a couple of months ago when Cheney gave a single interview, but I don’t think there’s much doubt now that Cheney wants to set a few things straight about the record. Cheney remains calm and courteous, but he leaves no doubt with Sean Hannity that he will fight to get the entire story about the interrogations on the table:

Cheney certainly has a better case now, with the NYT’s revelation that Obama covered up Dennis Blair’s assessment that the interrogations worked. If Obama wants to have a national debate on this topic, clearly Dick Cheney will not allow Obama to cut out key data from public knowledge. While George Bush enjoys his retirement, Cheney appears ready to fight for their legacy.