Video: Perez Hilton at the Miss USA contest?

Mix an almost-anachronistic beauty contest with an outspoken gay liberal blogger, and you get … a classically awkward moment. I’ve gotten a lot of e-mail about Miss California’s response to Perez Hilton about her stance on gay marriage, all of it cheering her defense of traditional values:

According to the person who clipped and uploaded the video, Miss California got booed, but if so, not by many. Perez himself shakes his head in annoyance, but what did he expect? These beauty contests are celebrations of kitschy Americana — of bathing suits and evening gowns, of “world peace” and apple pie.

In fact, one has to wonder why the organizers invited Perez to be a judge at all. Surely Perez’ readership doesn’t represent their core audience, and his celebrity-dish-loving readers could care less about Gracie Lou from North Dakota anyway. It’s a very strange choice. And Perez proves it by calling Miss California a “dumb b****” for not agreeing with him:

Stay classy, Perez. And I think you need something much stronger than a cocktail. (Thanks to my co-blogger Allahpundit for the second vid)