Video: Burglary foiled by homeowner's Internet connection

You’re at work, and you decide to check the cameras you installed after the last time your house got burglarized.  At first, everything looks fine; the bird is screeching, the dog looks bored, and things look pretty quiet.  Suddenly, though, you see you have a couple of houseguests, one of whom brought a crowbar as a party favor.  What do you do?

The woman called the police, who respond in the final minute of this 5-minute edited loop of the burglary.  The police do a good job in capturing the bad guys, and even two more accomplices down the street whom the burglars apparently ratted out.  It’s not as if these are arch-criminals, though; these morons wander around the house as if they’re browsing at a sidewalk sale and have all day to find the best bargains.  The only thing we see them carry is the crowbar.

Unfortunately, they don’t win the kewpie doll for Stupidest Criminals this week at Smoking Gun.  That honor goes to the two mouthbreathers who conducted an armed robbery in order to steal … 50 porn videos.  Looking at their mugshots, that probably provided all of the social life either expected for the next 20 years …. which will work out well for them, considering their future prospects.

One last thing.  The homeowner in this has to be thrilled that her Internet camera system worked so well, but I’m not sure she’ll be as thrilled with her dog.  Unless the dog was trying to lick these guys to death, I’d say she may want to reconsider the selection of watchdog.