Whew: Noted chubby American traitor still alive

Jawa’s got the details on Adam Gadahn’s latest video, the first in months and the most extensive look at Gadahn since he was supposedly sidelined or killed last year.  Rusty doesn’t have the video up, mainly because it’s over an hour long and consists mainly of tired AQ retreads.  This video was apparently shot in March, and instructs the faithful how to avoid another Gaza “holocaust”:

A new video shows America’s only indicted traitor, Adam Gadahn, railing on and on with paranoid conspiracy theories. We have the video which was released on the usual Islamic forums last night. Expect updates as Howie is currently uploading the video.

The video is titled, “How to prevent a repeat of the Gaza holocaust.” Gadahn is only one of the al Qaeda spokesmen on the video.

Interestingly, the video was released with an accompanying document which the forums label a “handbook” entitled “route clearance”. I’m downloading the handbook now. No idea what it is.

In the video Gadahn can be seen sitting at a table in what looks like a tent. He claims the economic crisis is Allah’s punishment on American. Apparently the dirt poor conditions of much of the Islamic world goes unnoticed by the Orange County, California native.

Lesson One in how to avoid another Gaza disaster would be stop firing rockets at a nation with a really, really, really powerful army, and an intermittent will to use it.  Of course, that would require the use of reason and logic, which Gadahn abandoned at the same time he betrayed his country.

In reading Rusty’s running commentary, though, it doesn’t appear to even be that coherent.  Instead, Gadahn appears to ramble from one topic to another, almost none of it connected to Gaza, which makes sense, since AQ only gives a Gadahn about Gaza as a PR hook.  Instead, the lunatic we like to call Fat Bastard talks about Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Vietnam, and for some weird reason, Chas Freeman.  Is AQ so interested in American policy that they want their say on appointments to the National Intelligence Council?  And shouldn’t Freeman be saying at this point, “Stop helping me!”?

The lengthy sabbatical Gadahn took has done nothing to improve his temperament or his imbecility.  When we eventually kill him with a missile or at the end of a noose, we’ll miss his comedic stylings.