Video: Doing the dozens in Congress

I’m not sure which is funnier here — watching a couple of middle-aged men try to sound like teenage boys, or the fact that Kent Conrad’s clear cluelessness at how Chuck Grassley insulted him in this exchange. On the other hand, why choose? Sit back and enjoy the hipness, and pronounced lack thereof:

GRASSLEY: “You remember, you asked me two years ago not to take a vote on it and you said if we did take a vote on it you might not get your budget resolution adopted. And so I did not ask for a vote on it and you said it was a very statesman-like thing for me to do at that particular time. And so I would hope you would return the favor.”

CONRAD. “You know, I used to like you. Oh, you are good.”

GRASSLEY: “Your wife said the same thing.”

Well, I suppose that’s impressive … for a couple of swells in thousand-dollar suits. However, if you want to see the game played for keeps, watch Gene Hackman instruct Sam Rockwell on how to play the dozens in the David Mamet film Heist:

If you’re looking for a gripping and intelligent crime drama, you should add this movie to your Netflix queue. It’s one of Mamet’s best.