Setting the mobs loose

Just in case people didn’t figure out what the end result of all this faux outrage over AIG bonuses would be, New York Magazine reports on the latest in liberal-populist tourism.  Community organizers for Connecticut Working Families Party want to send busloads of outrageously outraged people to the doorsteps of AIG executives’ homes … and claim that they don’t want to put them at risk.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight:

The Connecticut Working Families Party this weekend has organized a bus store that will make stops at Wilton, Connecticut, AIG office as well as the security-patrolled homes of AIG execs who are fearing for their lives.

“We’re going to be peaceful and lawful in everything we do,” said Jon Green, the director of Connecticut Working Families. “I know there’s a lot of anger and a lot of rage about what’s happened. We’re not looking to foment that unnecessarily, but what we want to do is give folks in Bridgeport and Hartford and other parts of Connecticut who are struggling and losing their homes and their jobs and their health insurance an opportunity to see what kinds of lifestyle billions of dollars in credit-default swaps can buy.”

Right, they’re not fomenting rage, they’re just encouraging it. So if you happen to record someone’s address so you can return in the dead of night, it’s not like Working Families told you to! We know we sound paranoid and we really can’t believe we’re actually on the same side as Rush, but this is getting way out of hand. Oh, to have fat ladies in high heels clogging up the West Village again.

Remember when Bill Clinton accused conservative talk radio of fomenting hate?  What does he have to say about his colleagues in the Obama administration and the Democratic Party?  (via King Banaian)

Update: What a shockCWFP is an arm of ACORN. (h/t: Instapundit)

Update II:  Turns out to be quite a bust.  First, it attracted more press than protesters, a rather ironic twist on the Tea Party protests, which garner thousands which are mostly ignored by the media.  Here are the people following the anticlimactic fizzle: