CQ's little list: The PMA 104

I already wrote one post about this earlier today, but I want the actual list to get separate attention.  CQ Politics has the 104 Representatives that cut earmarks for PMA, the lobbying firm associated most closely with John Murtha and his pork power.  More than 40 Republicans appear on this list, but Democrats dominate the top 10 in donations from PMA:

Name	       State	Party	Pork(mil)	PMA Donations
Peter Visclosky	IN	D	$23.8	        $219,000
John Murtha	PA	D	$34.1	        $143,600
James Moran	VA	D	$10.8	        $125,200
Norm Dicks	WA	D	$12.1	          $91,600
Bill Pascrell	NJ	D	$2.4	          $73,200
David Hobson	OH	R	$3.5	          $70,050
Mike Doyle	PA	D	$1.6	          $69,400
Loretta Sanchez	CA	D	$3.2	          $60,118
Tim Holden	PA	D	$3.2	          $57,275
Tim Ryan	OH	D	$3.2	          $54,250

Pete Visclosky actually got more money than Murtha, but Murtha generated the most money in pork for PMA clients.  Only David Hobson breaks the Democratic death grip on the top 10 PMA porkers — and that’s just for a single bill in 2007.  Who knows what CQ Politics — or an Army of Davids — might have found if the rules for transparency on pork had not been implemented in 2007?

Update: Sorry about the formatting problem. I’ve converted the table to text.

Update II: When I wrote “Top 10”, I meant in PMA donations.  People who received much less wrote much more in pork, in some cases.  Be sure to read all the way through the list at the link, but note the $20.4 million from Bill Young (R-FL) and $15 million in pork from Duncan Hunter (R-CA).  Between them, though, they only got a little over $17,000 in donations from PMA over the last eight years.