Video: The ultimate media palate cleanser

If you’ve ever wondered what news anchors do during commercial breaks …mystery solved.  Via TMV, we get a look at Chicago’s WGN anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange working on their upcoming segments with professionalism that would have impressed Bob Fosse:

Well, maybe not Bob Fosse, but certainly the cheerleaders in Bring It OnMitch and I have worked together in radio for almost five years now, and we’d be hard pressed to manage a high-5 most days.  Actually, if you’ve seen Mitch, you’d know that a high-5 will be a little intimidating.  Besides, we work in radio because we can’t do stuff like this.   If we had enough coordination between us to do this, we’d be on Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, or at least on the PBS fund-raising drives.

How long do you suppose they worked on this routine, anyway?  I guess it beats researching Mayor Daley and Barack Obama.

Update: Okay, okay, the last remark was unfair, and this is cute.  My sense of fun: restored.