Video: The PUMA Documentary

Remember the PUMA movement (Party Unity My A$$)?  Hillary Clinton dead-enders attempted to organize in the tail end of the Democratic primaries, in a futile effort to unseat Barack Obama from the nomination. Now filmmaker Brad Mays has produced a documentary look at the PUMA movement called The Audacity of Democracy, and my friend Tommy Christopher at AOL’s Political Machine tips me off to the release and the trailer … which is NSFW due to some foul language:

Tommy has been a PUMA skeptic from the word go, and I’d presume that the film takes a similar approach to the movement from this trailer. In the end, of course, the skepticism was justified. It arguably put pressure on Obama to include Hillary in his campaign, but failed to put her on the ticket in either slot. In the end, the massive defections to John McCain threatened by the PUMAs never appeared, and Obama won in a rout.

The PUMA phenomenon deserves a look, and I’m interested to see whether Mays succeeds in capturing both sides of the equation well enough to make it worthwhile.