Obama panders to unions by cutting off information to workers

Remember when Barack Obama and his administration tried excusing the rescinding of the Mexico City policy on the basis of free speech and keeping women well informed of their medical choices?  Apparently, Obama has less concern over American workers than foreign women.  According to CNN, Obama will sign an executive order reversing a requirement to inform unionized workers that they have a right to decertify (via The Corner):

President Obama plans Friday to reverse an executive order allowing unionized companies to post signs alerting employees that they are allowed to leave unions.

Critics of the order said that while unionized shops were allowed to let workers know they could de-unionize, non-unionized shops were not required to post information telling employees they could unionize. …

Another order would require service contractors at federal buildings to offer jobs to qualified current employees when contracts change. A third would require federal vendors with more than $100,000 in contracts to post workers’ rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

Another order would prevent federal contractors from being reimbursed for expenses that were intended to influence workers’ decisions to form unions or engage in collective bargaining.

So American workers should not know that they have the right to de-unionize?  Obama wants to keep Americans in closed shops ignorant of their choices?  Keep ’em barefoot and enlslaved to the Union Boss Bills of the world?

Just detecting another whiff of inconsistency in Hope and Change ….