Pro-life gets hip in new campaign

Students for Life wanted to find a catchy title for their new campaign against the Freedom of Choice Act.  “Fight FOCA” seems too pedestrian and more than a little hackneyed.  No, they wanted a fresh take, one that would connect with college and high-school students.  So SFL IM’d their BFFs, and OMG, came up with the WTF campaign — as in What The FOCA?! From the FAQ:

Why ‘What The FOCA?!’ ?

When you heard about the Freedom of Choice Act was your initial reaction something like…”WTF?!”  That is the reaction most people have on both sides.  This legislation is extreme and it will not pass if we have an informed and active public.  This site exists to encourage YOU to be active in spreading your astonishment and indignation about the Freedom of Choice Act.

Isn’t ‘What The FOCA?!’ Offensive?

Yes, it references a phrase that is offensive.  However, unrestricted abortion is much, much more offensive.  Using this phrase points to that fact.  In addition, “WTF” is common to the language of the culture.  If we say… “Stop the Freedom of Choice Act!” that is meaningful to those of us who know about FOCA, but it is meaningless to those who do not.  If we say…”What the FOCA?!” it piques the interest of the culture and conveys the ridiculousness of the Freedom of Choice Act all in just three words.  Then, you can start to elaborate through dialogue.

Want to say WTF to FOCA?  Today is their Day of Action.  Get the word out by talking to friends about FOCA, hosting an event on campus using their handy checklist, or even buy a T-shirt.  The site has several embedded videos explaining the campaign and the issues.

I’ve written several posts about FOCA and the danger it represents to life.  Don’t miss an opportunity to spread the word, and the word can even be a three-letter abbreviation like WTF.