Video: The wholesome PETA ad rejected by the NFL

You have to love PETA. If they didn’t exist, we’d have to make them up.  Their latest publicity stunt comes from the rejection by NBC of the ad they submitted for broadcast during the Super Bowl for not meeting their standards of family entertainment.  I’m not sure this meets the standard of fetish entertainment, but it’s certainly enjoyable as an indication of how far PETA will go in its depravity (somewhat NSFW):

NBC pulled the plug on a PETA pro-veggie commercial planned for the Super Bowl because it “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards,” according to NBC Universal’s advertising standards executive, Victoria Morgan. The ad, which carries the tagline, “Studies Show Vegetarians Have Bet ter Sex,” shows lingerie-clad stunners getting “intimate” with vegetables.

If you’re reluctant to click the vid, you may be wondering just how “intimate” it gets.  Think oiled-up legs rubbing broccoli, pumpkins grinding into Fredericks of Hollywood-clad crotches, and asparagus spears going … well, perhaps I reveal too much.  It does manage to make Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction a few years back look almost tasteful in comparison.  Almost.

As for their assertion that vegetarians have better sex, it appears that may be true — for those having sex with vegetables.  Perhaps that’s the only way PETA members can get some.  And what about this is supposed to convince me to stop eating meat?  I’m not sure I can eat vegetables any more without wondering where they’ve been.