March for Life, 22 Weeks, and Roe

Today, the Left celebrates the 36th anniversary of Roe v Wade, while the pro-life movement mourns the deaths of over 44 million aborted babies.  In Washington DC, March for Life will protest the Roe decision as well as the widely-expected Freedom of Choice Act that Barack Obama promised to push through Congress.  The Anchoress also anticipates that Barack Obama will end the Mexico City policy by executive order as early as today and restore American funding of abortions overseas.

Today, I’ll interview Angel Manuel Soto, the director of a new film, 22 Weeks, about a true story of an abortion and what happened when the child survived.  Joining us will be the mother, Angele, to give her perspective on Roe and the abortion industry.  The film is now playing in selected theaters throughout the country, but can also be purchased on DVD now.  The website has a lot more information, and a trailer:

I’ll keep an eye out for news on life issues today, but be sure to tune in to The Ed Morrissey Show to catch this interview.