Bush pardons: That's all, folks

Our friend Byron York at The Corner has heard from sources at the Bush White House that there will be no more pardons forthcoming:

White House officials have just told me that there will be no more pardons coming out of the Bush White House.  “We’re done,” I was told.  That means there will no pardon of Lewis Libby.

Earlier today, I told both Kevin McCullough and Hugh Hewitt that I didn’t think Bush would issue a last-minute flurry of pardons.  It would have been out of character for him.  If Bush had wanted to issue a lot of pardons, he would have done so earlier in his presidency and certainly after the last election.  The Ramos and Compean commutations must have come after a lot of soul-searching.

Libby will have to hope that he can get his conviction overturned on appeal.  I doubt seriously that Barack Obama will pardon him in the next four years.