Video: Palin hits back at the media; Update: Ziegler: Palin is exactly who you think

John Ziegler conducted a series of interviews with Governor Sarah Palin about the treatment she received from the media, including the blogosphere, which he will use in an upcoming documentary. He’s put together a few good excerpts in a lengthy YouTube presentation, in which Palin starts off by taking on the biggest smear of the campaign:

Why would Palin want to go through all of this again? She says this country has a “great need for reform,” and she still wants to provide it. Perhaps, she says, people would pay more attention to her record rather than the lunatics who still pressure her to give them proof positive that she actually gave birth to her youngest son, Trig.  Palin has a few choice words for the strategists in the campaign, and for the media hypocrites who put her and her family through the wringer while anointing Obama.

If we’d seen more of this Palin on the campaign trail … well, we still would have lost, in all likelihood, as VP candidates simply can’t rescue running mates.  However, Palin seems determined not to let 2008 be the last word for her on the national stage.

Update: John Ziegler writes about his experiences meeting with Sarah Palin:

One of the things you quickly learn when you visit the Palins is that the legend that has been created around who they are and how they live is no myth. It appears to be absolutely real and everything about them seems 100% sincere. From the stuffed hunting trophies on the wall, to the Track’s military photo by the TV set, to Piper’s crayon school projects on the kitchen cabinets, everything is exactly as you imagine it might be.

What was particularly valuable about the perspective I had was that, I am not Charlie Gibson, Matt Lauer or Greta Van Susteren (who I understand now gets her mail delivered to the Palin home); the conductors of the three most prominent interviews done in the Wasilla house on the frozen lake at the end of the drive that has the sign “Palins” posted on a tree at the entrance. Unlike them, I am virtually unknown nationally and there was absolutely no reason for anything to be done differently as a “show” for us. We saw the genuine Sarah Palin and it is patently obvious that this is the only one that exists. She is the real deal.

As a former TV sportscaster and radio talk show host, I have interviewed a lot big-time “celebrities,” and I can honestly say that, even though you could argue that Sarah Palin was the most prominent I have ever spoken to one-on-one, she was also by far the nicest, most sincere and, seemingly, honest subject that I have ever questioned.

Be sure to read the whole column, especially for Palin’s assessment of Keith Olbermann.  Keep an eye out for John’s upcoming documentary, Media Malpractice.