Democrats give Lieberman a slap on the wrist

Joe Lieberman will remain in the Democratic caucus and keep his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee.  On a 42-13 vote, the Senate Democratic Caucus settled on a less drastic punishment for Lieberman’s vocal opposition to Barack Obama in the presidential election:

Senate Democrats have voted to allow Sen. Joe Lieberman to retain his chairmanship of the powerful Homeland Security Committee.

The secret-ballot vote was 42-13.

We noted yesterday the irony and political courage of Senate Democrats who insisted on a secret ballot for this vote but who won’t extend that right to American workers in organizing elections.  In this case, it probably helped Lieberman.  In a public vote, some of his colleagues would have been hard-pressed by the Left to either commit political suicide or to vote Lieberman off of Democratic Island.

Maybe Senate Democrats can remember that vise when they consider Card Check.

Instead of losing his Homeland Security slot, Lieberman will lose his chair on an environmental subcommittee.  Lieberman had been a strong voice on global-warming issues and had tried to partner with John McCain on a cap-and-trade system.  This may cut off the Democrats’ nose to spite their face; without Lieberman in the lead on this issue, they may have more trouble finding a Republican partner.

Democrats caved to Lieberman … again.  I’m certain Lieberman is particularly enjoying this term in office.