Video: Meet Union Boss Bill

Union Boss Bill wants Congress to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, better known as Card Check. Union Boss Bill wants American workers to give up the secret ballot in favor of cards that allow everyone to know how they vote on union representation. What happens when an employee fills out a card that tells Union Boss Bill that he doesn’t want union representation? Union Boss Bill will file the card … well, check the video from the US Chamber of Commerce:

Marc Ambinder notes that Bill is actually AFL-CIO boss Bill Londrigan of Kentucky. This confrontation took place over the summer. Note that Bill doesn’t have a problem with violence or the threat of violence in order to get what he wants.

The USCC will run this ad in a few targeted states, one of which will hopefully be Minnesota. Al Franken supports Card Check, while Norm Coleman opposes it. We’ll ask Senator John Ensign on our show today about the significance of Card Check in the race two weeks from now, and whether he thinks it will help keep Republicans in the game enough to maintain a filibuster against it in the next Congress.

Otherwise, American workers can expect to meet Union Boss Bill and a whole lot of his friends. Feel like saying no to them?

Update: My apologies – it should have read Chamber of Commerce, not Congress.

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