RNCC interview: PUMAs for McCain

We’ve heard that PUMAs are mythical creatures, those women who supported Hillary Clinton but prefer John McCain to Barack Obama.  Well, not only do they really exist, two of them felt motivated enough to turn the van around on the way home from Denver to get themselves into the Republican convention.  Last night, my NARN partner Mitch Berg and I talked with Betty Jean Kling and Robin Rollinson.  The two women heard the media slurs against Sarah Palin and made up their mind to show solidarity with the Republican Vice Presidential nominee:

The first question Mitch and I got after talking about this interview with a few other people around the RNCC was whether the two were on the level. They were; Ms. Kling donated to both Hillary Clinton and the Womancount PAC, according to Open Secrets. Since the two women knew each other and traveled together, I’d call that a confirmation of their support for Hillary and their activism on her behalf, right up to last week.

Quite obviously, the treatment of Sarah Palin by the mainstream media has inflamed PUMA anger all over again. Most of them may not have been motivated enough to come to St. Paul and declare open support for Palin and McCain, but at least two of them were. Listening to them, they don’t seem like lunatics or attention seekers. In fact, they were a lot of fun and remarkably rational, as viewers will see for themselves.

Will more PUMAs follow suit after the relentless attacks on Palin and her family in the media? If these two women can make the trip to St. Paul, many more can make the shorter journey to support Palin at the voting booth.