Arrival at the RNCC

I’ve arrived at the RNCC in St. Paul, even though the convention itself won’t do much today.  Right now, I’m listening to a rehearsal of the Star Spangled Banner and watching the levees getting topped in New Orleans.  The joint’s pretty quiet here, but I’ve managed to link up with Fausta and Lady Logician.   I also tok a brief bit of video showing my vantage point here in the hall:

You can see that the Republican logos have all been taken down. Instead, the motto “Country First” and the American flag have become permanently displayed rather than on a cycle with party images. They may have Laura Bush and Cindy McCain come to the center today to keep people informed, but don’t expect a lot of fanfare or coverage.

At the end, take a look at the juxtaposition of MS-NBC and Al-Jazeera. I figured that would amuse Hot Air readers.