Video: Biden sees unborn people

If people worry how Sarah Palin will stack up against Joe Biden as a campaigner, perhaps this video clip of Biden introducing Barack Obama yesterday in Pennsylvania might help answer it.  Biden struggles to articulate his words, offers a weird version of his childhood move out of Scranton, and in general comes across a little buffoonish:

Bob Casey was twelve years older than me, and Bobby Casey was twelve years younger than me. And I knew somebody famous was going to come out of Scranton, and I sure a’ hell knew it wadn’t gonna be me.

Even under normal circumstances, Biden isn’t one of the party’s best campaigners. He manages to put his foot in his mouth too often, and usually sounds like a blowhard. Here, he’s either too tired to be on the stage or tryin’ too hard to soun’ like a reg’l’r guy. If he’s aiming for authenticity, he missed by a mile.

And what about this odd story about moving from Scranton? Biden left Scranton when he was 10 years old. Perhaps he is clairvoyant and foresaw “Bobby” Casey at the age of -2. I’d love to hear him make that argument. Maybe if that were the case, he could also explain why it’s okay to abort babies, when at the age of -2, Biden can see them destined for greatness.

It’s also worth noting that this particular myth gives the impression that Biden retreats when the going gets tough. Great story, Joe!

Biden just can’t help but exaggerate and lie on the campaign trail. The only surprise is that it took seven whole days before it happened as Obama’s running mate.