Ferraro: Palin a "historic" choice for McCain

How does the first female VP candidate feel about the second? Geraldine Ferraro says that many women feel disaffected by the way Hillary Clinton got treated by the Democratic Party and the media — and they will appreciate an opportunity to support a historic ticket:

Sarah Palin made explicit reference to Hillary Clinton’s remark about “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling”, an overt reference to the historic opportunity for women in this campaign. Will that convince some of Hillary’s supporters to cross party lines? A large number of them already seemed open to that possibility — and Palin certainly has Ferraro intrigued.

Ferraro’s comments point up another potential land mine for Barack Obama. The media may stoke all those leftover resentments if they try to hit Palin hard in the next few weeks, which may drive off even more women than otherwise.