Video: Behind the scenes at Invesco and the "regal" stage

Earlier, I wrote about Barack Obama and the Temple of The One, but the picture we had didn’t give quite the same perspective as this taken by “See Swann”. The intrepid correspondent’s narrative gets a little tiresome, but his access to the field at Invesco/Mile High Stadium gives the best possible look at the staging for Obama’s acceptance speech on Thursday night:

Greek or Roman architecture? Based on my limited recollection, the Romans used similar construction but copied it from the Greeks. Perhaps architects can answer that question, but what hasn’t been answered is why Obama decided to go with this theme rather than use a more traditional, American theme for his staging. Should a man who is trying to push back against being defined as an elitist opt to speak from an ersatz Greek temple? What screams elitist more than a Mount Olympus reference?

“See Swann” agrees, albeit unwittingly. In his narration, he approvingly refers to the staging as “regal”. That doesn’t exactly make Obama an egalitarian Everyman. (via Power Line)