Obama's temple for the Cult of Personality; The father of American democracy?

Fausta made this connection before I did, and combined with the so-called “sign of progress”, Barack Obama may be better suited to run for the presidency of the United Federation of Planets than the USA.  Allahpundit reported last night on the plans for Obama to deliver his acceptance speech in front of a fake Greek temple, and John McCormack has the picture:

That this scales heights of presumptuousness can hardly be refuted.  What genius thought of this motif?  Probably the same one that concocted Vero Possumus and the Fleeing Eagle.  It’s a paean to an ego run amuck — and if American voters wondered about the cult of personality that Obama has inspired, this settles the question and explicitly makes Obama the cult leader.

At least their taste in Star Trek episodes has improved.  While their “sign of progress” was lifted from one of the dumbest entries in the original-series catalog, this set comes straight from one of their more intriguing episodes, “Who Mourns For Adonis?”

The parallels are interesting, at least. Obama wants to treat us the way Apollo treated the Enterprise crew — as children who need do nothing but gather food and worship him. He promises them peace, tranquility, and happiness, as long as they agree to become his servants and relinquish their free will. In the end, Kirk and his crew destroy his power source and send him off to his fellow demigods in bitterness rather than allow themselves to become enslaved to Apollo.

Somehow, I think that American voters will understand those parallels, even if they’ve never seen this episode before in their lives. (post photo from Political Inquirer, via Power Line)

Update: No, it’s not a reference to the Lincoln Memorial either.  That has a straight line of columns, not curved as in the set in Denver:

Some have written and commented that Obama wants to reference Athens as the birthplace of democracy. That’s almost as bad as the reference to Greek temples.  Is Obama styling himself as the father of American democracy?