Recreate 68? They're on their way

Forty years ago, the nation looked on in horror as protestors and police tangled in Chicago during the Democratic National Convention — and drove voters to Richard Nixon.  For some reason, some Democrats got nostalgic for this result and pledged to “Recreate ’68”.  Tonight, they have succeeded in at least getting pepper-sprayed by the police after rioting at Denver’s Civic Center:

Riot police have forced a couple of hundred protesters out of Civic Center and then blocked them before they could reach the 16th Street Mall.

Police had the protesters surrounded between Court Street and Cleveland along 15th Street and moved up reinforcements, including an Aurora armored vehicle. They have made at least one arrest. …

Protesters and police had lined up across from one another in front of City and County Building about 7 p.m., the police wearing their full riot gear and holding batons, chanting “move back, move back.”

At least one protester was sprayed with pepper spray before the mass of marchers moved back across the park and were cut off by police behind the Sheraton.

Here’s the live video from the Denver Post:

And hey, this is just the first night! LGF has more information on this, including a correspondent who has gotten pepper-sprayed herself. An earlier attempt at starting trouble fizzled, despite the inclusion of Ward Churchill, apparently taking a night off from teaching the little Eichmanns in Colorado.

So far, the protesters have managed to recreate ’68 in at least one way … reminding the nation to vote Republican.

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