Video: Carville predicts "safe" Obama VP pick

Newsmax interviews the Ragin’ Cajun, James Carville, regarding the politics of running-mates in both parties. Carville also opines on why Obama can’t gain traction, tries to minimize the polling before the conventions, but notes that Democrats have begun discussing why the race is tied in a year where Democrats expected a walkover.

Sam Nunn? Carville can’t be serious about this selection. Nunn has been retired for years and would be even less exciting than Tim Kaine or Evan Bayh on the stump. Oddly, Carville never mentions Hillary Clinton as a possibility. McCain, on the other hand, wants to “scramble the jets”, providing a game-changing surprise. What kind of game-change is Carville thinking — a Sarah Palin or a Joe Lieberman?

Regarding Hillary, Jim Geraghty and Soren Dayton think that she may still get the nod. Obama has a major event scheduled for Saturday in Indiana where most people expect him to appear with his running mate. That would indicate Bayh, obviously, as Obama would want Bayh to turn Indiana blue for him. However, the e-mail/text message has not yet gone out to supporters, and one would expect that today for maximum media bounce, which Obama desperately needs.

If we do not hear about a VP pick today or tomorrow, the Obama campaign will have decided to hold it until the convention. It makes little sense to announce the pick on a Saturday or Sunday when delegates are in transit to Denver and everyone else is away from their television sets. In that scenario, Hillary becomes the most likely choice. The dramatic reveal would help unify the delegates, or so Obama would hope. Picking Bayh, Biden, Kaine, or Nunn in Denver would be an anticlimactic moment so monumental, the thud will be heard in space.

Hillary would help salvage some of the disaffected Democrats migrating to McCain for the moment, but in the long run would probably be more trouble than she’s worth. The Tuzla Dash immediately comes back into play, along with the Health Care Task Force, her strongarm tactics as First Lady, and the entire Clinton pardon scandal. It creates a target-rich environment for Republicans, and undercuts Obama’s reform message entirely. Even FOB Carville recognizes this much.