O look! Another O logo! Update: Ripoff of Flying A? Update: Maybe REO?

The Barack Obama campaign learned one lesson from its Vero Possumus fiasco, and apparently only one lesson: Latin is elitist.  They still haven’t figured out that drawing fancy logos for a candidate reminds people of high-school elections.  Here’s the latest reason from Team Obama that we’re supposed to feel confident in The One’s ability to lead a nation:

Greg Sargent at TPM reports that the campaign will roll this out today:

According to an Obama aide, the new effort dovetails with a renewed push by the Obama team in Pennsylvania to poke fun at John McCain’s recent claim that he would rather hear the roar of “50,000 Harleys” than the cheering of 200,000 Berliners.

As the Obama camp was quick to point out, McCain opposed legislation that would have forced the U.S. government to buy American-made motorcycles.

This allegation is, to be fair, true, but somewhat pointless.  Quick question: why would the US government need to buy motorcycles in the first place?  And for what little need it has for such vehicles, why should the US government lock itself into a single-source supply?  No other significant mass-production producer of motorcycles exists in the US.  I can see excluding certain imports based on the behavior of the source nations, but to cut off British, German, and Japanese sources simply out of protectionism doesn’t make economic or diplomatic sense — especially when American companies compete for government contracts abroad.

So, in response, we get yet another silly logo from Team Obama, telling people to Buy American, but using the Obama logo in place of the American flag.  It’s targeted to those folks that Barack Obama believes cling bitterly to their religion and guns, and hoping that he can exploit that bitterness for a few more votes among small-town voters.  This looks a lot more like Buy Obama than Buy American, and unfortunately, fewer and fewer people are buying Mr. Logo any more.

Update: Did Obama rip off this logo from the famous Flying A gasoline logo?  You decide:

Update II:  Heard it from a friend, who … heard it from a friend, who … heard it from another Obama got it from here: