Kaine: Putin bent to Obama's will

Like Jim Geraghty, I think Tim Kaine would make an excellent running mate for Barack Obama.  Why, he already has imbibed fully of The One’s Kool-Aid with his analysis of the purpoted Russian cease-fire this morning.  Kaine told Fox News that he was glad that Russia listened to Obama’s demand for a cessation of its attack on Georgia:

It was a bad crisis for the world. It required tough words but also a smart approach to call on the international community to step in. And I’m very, very happy that the Senator’s request for a ceasefire has been complied with by President Medvedev.

Even if the Russians weren’t still attacking, which apparently they are, this is the most ludicrous spin imaginable. Medvedev ignored France, Germany, George Bush, and even John McCain, but he snapped to attention when he heard Obama’s “request”?

Tim Pawlenty had a more reasoned, rational response for Fox:

Brian Kilmeade: Governor Pawlenty, so far Senator McCain has said that he thinks the objective of the Russians is regime change in Georgia. Do you think that he’s been on target so far?

Governor Pawlenty: Well, one of the advantages of having experience in military and national security matters is you get the wisdom that comes with it as he correctly called the need for a change in strategy in Iraq with the surge. I think he’s is correctly calling this situation. He said when he looked in the eyes of Vladimir Putin he saw ‘a K a G and a B.’ I think he senses correctly that Russia still has an aggressive posture in terms of its foreign policy and this could be very well an example of that. So Senator McCain’s response, an aggressive response as it relates to the U.N., as it relates to NATO, as it relates to sending the Secretary of State to Europe, I think are the right steps and it reflects his wisdom and experience in dealing not just with this region but dealing with the people involved and it’s a big benefit to him.

Kilmeade: As Governor of a major state like Minnesota and as somebody who is on the short list to be Vice President, why should the American people care about what’s happening in Georgia?

Governor Pawlenty: Georgia, of course, is an American ally — a country that leans west. The President of Georgia is somebody who is educated in the United States and the alliance between that country and our country has been positive. The friendship between that country and our country has been positive on a whole range of issues including economic issues, including energy issues, including various diplomatic and positive cultural exchanges. It’s a nation that has been positive towards the United States. It really has been a friend of our country and we want to promote those relationships around the world.

Pawlenty didn’t attempt to credit McCain with the somewhat illusory cease-fire supposedly ordered by Medvedev. He stuck to the facts.

Can you imagine a debate between these two in the general election?