McCain ad: "Painful"

No, this isn’t a reference to the new Obama salute, but instead the economic pain felt by American families.  The latest John McCain ad continues attacking Barack Obama, this time correcting an earlier error in their attack on his record on tax policy:

Life in the spotlight must be grand, but for the rest of us times are tough. Obama voted to raise taxes on people making just $42,000. He promises more taxes on small business, seniors, your life savings, your family.

Painful taxes, hard choices for your budget. Not ready to lead. That’s the real Obama.

Earlier, the McCain campaign had set the figure on taxation at $32,000, which Factcheck noted was incorrect. The increase applied to $32,000 or more in taxable income for individuals, which require a gross income of $41,500.  Even at that higher (and more accurate) number, the Barack Obama tax record shows that his policies have meant higher taxes for most Americans, not just for the “wealthy”.

The accuracy makes the ad more effective, at least for those who followed the earlier controversy.  It moves away from the snarky, satirical jabs about celebrity that so discomfited Obama and his supporters that they began to hallucinate about “phallic symbols”, which Allahpundit skewered and Jon Stewart ridiculed.  It’s also a little less energetic and eyecatching as a result, which may not drive the YouTube views or catch attention on television.

Still, it is effective and hammers home a single point: Obama will raise your taxes.  McCain needs to keep jabbing on this point, but he also needs a couple of roundhouses on energy policy to maintain momentum.

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