Porkbusters on Patrol at Eyeblast

I mentioned this yesterday during my interview with Danny Glover on TEMS, and today Fox News covers the latest Porkbusters project, too. Eyeblast has partnered with Porkbusters to have thousands of investigative reporters generate videos of pork-barrel spending in the districts, with an eye to embarrassing the porksters in Congress:

In fiscal 2008, Citizens Against Government Waste unearthed nearly 12,000 examples of pork in federal spending bills. The projects cost the taxpayers $17.2 billion — and too many Americans are clueless about where the money went or which lawmakers are to blame for the wasteful spending.

With the help of citizen journalists all across America, Eyeblast.tv and the Porkbusters coalition hope to change that. We’re under no illusion that we can utterly quench lawmakers’ insatiable appetite for pork. But we can expose them for the oinkers they are while they feast at the taxpayers’ trough.

How will we do that? Three words: “Porkbusters On Patrol.” That’s what Eyeblast and Porkbusters are calling the networked journalism project we are announcing today.

“Porkbusters On Patrol” combines the concept of AFP’s earmarks tour with the vision that Instapundit Glenn Reynolds shared in his book “An Army Of Davids.” The goal is to equip an army of citizen reporters with pocket camcorders to produce an ongoing series of on-site video stories about Congress’ pork-barreling ways.

Contributors could get paid for their efforts, too. Check out Eyeblast for the details. Looks like I may have more use for that new Panasonic SDR-H60P than just the convention …..