Video: Rated F for Failure

The National Republican Congressional Committee has been pretty quiet this electoral cycle, but it looks like they’re about ready to get into the game.  The NRCC has a new video out, which we have as a very temporary exclusive, highlighting the one big issue that could change the game for Republicans in 2008.  They titled it “Democrats: An Agenda Americans Just Can’t Afford”, but I like their tag line better — “the not-quite-in-motion picture”:

This is the message that the Republicans have to hammer home, especially in August when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid send Congress home without doing anything to increase domestic production. Rarely has a major issue produced such bipartisan consensus among the electorate, and even more rarely has it produced such obstinacy in the majority party in Congress. Gas price increases hit everyone across the board and make energy policy extremely personal — and the Democrats want to do nothing to increase domestic supply to correct for it.

The NRCC and the NRSC both go into the home stretch for 2008 at a significant funding disadvantage. This issue could negate that entirely. They need to have a laser focus on energy policy and explain not just the impact at the pumps, but also the impact on food prices, the damage these moratoriums do to the creation of American jobs, and the travesty of our massive wealth transfers abroad on foreign oil. This is a good start.