Fox poll: Voters "skeptical" of Obama's World Tour

Did Barack Obama’s tour of Asia and Europe impress voters?  By and large, no, according to a Fox Opinion Dynamics poll.  A large plurality, almost a majority, saw it exclusively as a campaign event and almost three-quarters believe that it was at least in part a campaign event.  Only 19% thought it was exclusively a fact-finding tour in polling completed the day before Obama took the stage in Berlin:

The poll found some other interesting information on how the public perceives the media in the middle of their groupie-like behavior on the tour.  Only 36% think that the media has reported on the campaign objectively.  While the Left tries to sell the notion that the media has given John McCain an easier ride, only 6% of the public agrees with that assessment.  Forty-six percent believe that the media has given Obama more positive coverage.

In fact, two-thirds of the public are convinced that the media wants Obama to win.  Those aren’t just Republicans, either  More than 60% of Democrats and of independents also believe that the media wants Obama to win.  The devotion of so many news reporting assets to Obama’s tour made that very obvious.

Message to the media: Next time, don’t make it so obvious.

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